Welcome to GOT SAUNA 

We are passionate about sauna and sauna culture. Our mission is to support sauna culture by providing access to authentic sauna experiences.

In support of our passion, Got Sauna offers a number of sauna services. Starting with Abundance, our mobile sauna is available for rent. Ready to deliver an authentic sauna experience just about anywhere in New England. Looking to build your own sauna, rely on Got Sauna for consulting, support, equipment, and supplies.

mobile sauna trailer in winter

All The Amenities

Hot room comfortably accommodates up to 3 
Separate dressing room
Birch Vihtas for the signature aroma
Cold plunge tank
Outdoor shower

Inside sauna - towel hooks

mobile sauna and metal tub

Options create the complete experience

Fire pit and chairs for post sauna recovery

Grill with tasty snacks

Privacy screen

mobile sauna door hook

Abundance is completely self contained and mobile. All you need to provide is the scenery

Abundance is wood burning, we supply the fuel

Solar powered lighting

Hook up to running water is all we need, and we can work around that if it is not available

The base trailer is 14′ x 8′  The ideal footprint is 20′ x 20′ 

mobile sauna trailer with solar panel

Want some bench time?

Email [email protected]