What should I bring?

Bring: A towel or two, shorts or a swim suit, something to hydrate with, and an sense of adventure.

I have never done this before, what do I do when I get there?

Enjoy yourself, this is about relaxation and renewal. The SaunaMeister will answer any questions you have, walk you thru the entire process, and be nearby during your session.

How many people can fit into the Sauna?

Abundance Sauna is cozy.A comfortable experience has no more than three people on the top bench at a time. A fourth person can sit on the lower bench.

I have heard the traditional Finnish Sauna people go in naked…NAKED?!?

The traditional Finnish sauna is a no clothing experience. The Finns have been doing sauna since the beginning of time, before clothes were invented and they tend to stick to tradition. “In sauna we are all equal – everyone looks the same from behind.” We discuss this at greater length elsewhere on the site.

However, we are not in Finland and American culture is different. Here in Abundance Sauna we practice modesty and ask that in public situations that swimmies or shorts are worn. A towel is also acceptable as long as it stays in place. Thank you for understanding.

Abundance Sauna has 2 rooms, a small dressing room and the hot room.


How long should I stay in?

This varies from person to person, sauna to sauna. Everyone experiences the heat in different ways.

Time is a bit of a mystery in the sauna, there is no clock to time your stay in the hot room. We suggest you listen to your body, stay as long as you are comfortable.

We suggest when you first go in, allow your body to acclimate to the ambient temperature it will be between 160°-200°. Allow yourself to be in discomfort for a moment or two. You will begin to perspire.  You are in there to sweat, roll with it.

Use the cold water hose to wet down the benches and walls (avoid the ceiling, the drops heat up and are a form of torture), fill a bucket with cold water, regularly douse yourself if you like. Keep that bucket nearby to pour on yourself or get a quick drink of water

There are typically three rounds, the first is usually the most intense, 10-15 minutes, the second is more relaxed lower heat maybe 15 minutes,  finally the third round to get your fill 10 minutes or so.    These times vary with each individual, you decide when you have had enough, then come out and take a break to cool down.

How long should I take between rounds?

Again, this varies from person to person, sauna to sauna. A short answer until you cool down. Part of the Sauna magic is repeated heating and cooling of your body. It is said this is where the therapeutic qualities kick in.

Come out of the hot room, go outside and sit on the bench, have a cold drink, HYDRATE, watch the cloud of steam form around you, contemplate your purpose in this world. Take a chilling shower from the built in exterior shower. Perhaps jump into the steel pond for a more dramatic cooling experience.

If there is a pond, or swimming pool, dive in.

In the winter many daring folks roll in the snow. The sensation on your skin is unrivaled.

The objective here is to bring your body back to a more normal ambient temperature, once there, go back in.

What is Löyly?

Löyly is the aromatic steam that is created when you pour the birch tea on the stones (kivet). The steam then rises and fills the room with heat. In Abundance the corner adjacent to the door is the hot corner, that is the spot that the löyly is most intense at first, before it begins to dissipate.

Simple to remember, the more water you put on the hotter it will get.

Start with small dippers, and as you grasp the nuances of the procedure, add more as needed .

Some spots on the stove are hotter than others, for example: the spot right behind the chimney is usually a hot spot.

There are several methods for creating löyly.

  1. Use the dipper, the long handle allows you to reach the hot spots with out exposing your hand to the steam.
  2. Sprinkle the vihta (birch whisk or switch) over the stones, use caution not to expose your wrist.
  3. Place the vihta right on the stones, slowly pour the birch tea thru it for a slow constant aromatic steam, remember to take it off before it drys out, or just keep it wet.

Please do not use any oils or perfumes on the stoves other than the tea provided.

I have heard that the third round is for cleaning up with soap and shampoo?

Traditionally, Yes. Abundance is a small sauna, and soap products can be slippery on the floor.

If you would like to wash up afterwards, you are welcome to use the outdoor shower, located on the wall next to the door. We usually provide hot and cold running water wherever possible. Please note: this shower does not generally provide privacy, please no nudity.

Can I bring drinks into the hot room?

It is not recommended, if it is completely necessary then make sure it is in a plastic container. Never any metal or glass in the hot room, the metal can heat up and be a burn hazard and broken glass will shut the whole operation down.

We suggest hydrating first and during breaks.

Can I wear my watch or jewelry in the sauna?

No. these items will get very hot and could potentially cause a burn.

Should I eat before or after the sauna?

In the sauna your body will be focusing on sweating, all attention will be on the exterior systems. We recommend eating after sauna.  If you must have something before, have a small snack to tide you over. You will have a veracious appetite soon after your sauna. Perhaps some grilled sausage or smoked salmon

What can I expect AFTER I take a sauna?

Expect to feel cleansed. Many people say they have never felt so clean.

You may feel rejuvenated, full of inspiration and foresight.

Likely you will want to take a nap first. Your body may need a little while to recover from the experience you just put it thru.  Allow yourself a little time to recover before operating heavy machinery.

Can I be in an enhanced state of mind when I take a sauna?

At Abundance Sauna we do not allow people who are intoxicated or high to participate. Safety first

Is the sauna available for rent, how far do you travel ?

Abundance is a mobile sauna, with a true sense of adventure. We are up for just about anything, Give us a call.

I have a question not covered here…

Send us an email. we will get back to you as soon as possible

Is there some sort of fun and informative graphic that details the whole procedure?

Sure see below:    Thank you Finnish Sauna Society