Introducing our Spokestones – Eino and Elo

The watchful spirits of the sauna. They hold the spiritual aspect of the löyly with a desire to ensure your sauna experience is relaxing, rejuvenating, and safe.

Eino and Elo have pretty much seen it all. They have experience and wisdom to share. You can always look to them to provide some rock-solid, foundational support around your sauna experience and answers all of your burning questions. Fair warning: they are fun loving, optimistic and love puns.

Here are some quick bios:


spirits of Abundance Sauna - Elo

The mohawk suggests Elo (E’-LO) is a punk rocker, he gets to the point, a no funny business type of guy. His outlook on life is about efficiency, not necessarily perfection, close to it. You might think this evidence of a cold heart, yet it is 180° from that. Elo’s hard exterior protects a warm heart. Generally quiet Elo shares his love with long gentle sighs. Spiritual about life in a big way! Get to know Elo, let his optimistic outlook wash over you experience the warm passion in his heartfelt smile.


spirits of Abundance Sauna - Eino

Eino (Ay’-no) is a Saunahenki from Finland. Full of mischief, jolly ol’ Eino loves life in a big way. His ear to ear grin is a constant reminder that we are all going to have fun. The center of attention at the party, he is a real rocker from day one. Don’t try to outlast Eino, he will likely be around long after you have thrown in the towel. Keep in mind he does like to push the limits. Eino will make you smile and grimace at the same time. Join him for a session, he guarantees you will revel in his steamy stories.

Follow their antics in future postings. Got a sauna question? Just ask the spokestones send us an email … [email protected] or click here for more info.